The Ford Mustang Gt spray painted stripes


280mm wide stripes

25m central line

All areas to be striped are hand flatted, minor blemishes repaired and painted prior to the stripe being painted on

A very thorough silicone degrease and then the masking starts

The car is outline masked and then covered in 3M polythene anti static sheeting

The stripe is then carefully measured and fine line masked

The areas not to be sprayed with base coat are then covered with polythene sheeting. The car is then sprayed with our anti stat gun and wiped with anti static tac cloths

Another degrease, anti stat wipe and spray, then on with the base coat

Once painted and dried, masking is removed, leaving the bag over the panels not being painted (just the sides in this instance

A very high quality High Solids clear coat is then applied, 1 3/4 coat and then 1 full coat (pretty much the maximum that can sensibly be applied)

The car is then allowed to air dry for 12 hours and then baked for an hour at 50 degrees, then 24 hours later, baked at 65 degrees

The car is then hand blocked and flatted with superfine 3M wet or dry, then polished with 3M green top, followed by yellow top and then a coat of high quality wax

The front and rear bumper and the boot spoiler were then painted using exactly the same process

The car is then assembled, cleaned and ready to go

The cost of this process for a car this size is in the region of £2500 plus the VAT. So not for the feint hearted.

I believe it is well worth the money if you want something to make you stand out from the crowd!


a good clean and outline mask before being bagged


all about the process

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