Paintless dent removal


If a dent can be removed from your car without the need for paintwork, we would highly recommend this option

The first reason; it is cheaper than traditional paintwork.

Secondly; It maintains your original paint finish (and therefore paint warranty)

Thirdly; it is much faster than traditional paintwork/bodywork

Unfortunately I do not have any images of before and after paintless dent removal. I will endeavour to collect some images this year and the results will speak for themselves.

Because this method of repair is very specialised, we outsource this service to a very reputable tradesman. We have your car at our premises for the day and he comes to us, repairs the car in our garage and whilst your car is being repaired, we lend you one of our free courtesy cars.

If you have some small shopping trolley dents and some soft dents (caused by closing bonnets and boot lids by pressing too hard), this may be the solution for you

The price for this service starts at only £60 plus VAT for a vehicle. This price includes 3 small dents. More dents on extra panels can increase the price from as little as £5 to £10 per dent, depending on how much of the car needs stripping down and how serious the damage is

Please be aware that some large dents may have slightly broken the paint and when they are moved and teased back into their original positions, the paint may flake or chip off. If this is the case, we can touch up the chip or supply a price to paint it.


the art of paintless dent removal (PDR)

The images above are repairs that CANNOT be carried out using paintless dent removal techniques. From the top left; too badly creased and paint is broken, the subaru impreza roof is too badly creased and stretched and the audi q7 bonnet is aluminium and very tricky to repair as the aluminium stretches and therefore cannot be removed without serious panel beating. It is also much stronger than traditional mild steel, plus, the paint is broken and therefore needs painting anyway

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Paintless dent removal
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