we use the best products and tools to repair your car

We use Standohyd water base coat. This product is mixed on site using the colour code of your vehicle. To find out more, visit www.standox.co.uk. It is a very high quality premium paint that offers a range of benefits to us, the main benefit to our customer is the quality colour matching ability.

We use Standocryl clear coat (lacquer), that offers great quality gloss, high resilience to stone chips, scratch resistance and UV protection. For more information visit www.standox.co.uk.

My spraygun of choice is the Sata JET 3000 K HVLP. For more information on this gun visit www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk. We have one of these guns for primer, one for base coat and one for clear coat, which shows how we get such great results! We also use the sata mini jet sprayguns for small repairs and motorcyle panels.

For the repair of your vehicle we use a vast array of different products, most of which are 3M. If you would like to look at these products in any detail, again they can be seen at www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk The products that we use are all detailed in the 3M section of the sprayguns direct website. We use abrasives, masking sheet, masking tape, polythene sheeting and much more.

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Bentley Respraygallery-resprays-restorations-paintek-limited/Pages/Paintek-restoration-vintage-car-restoration.html
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